Marleen Marra

About Me


I am an IO economist, working as Assistant Professor at Sciences Po.

My research agenda: understanding individual and firm incentives in (bidding) markets. Ultimately, to improve their organization and advance public policy.

I specialize in the structural analysis of auction/procurement data, currently working on applications in public transportation, online platforms, and the allocation of airport take-off and landing slots.

Contact details

Sciences Po, Department of Economics
28 Rue des Saints-Pères
75007 Paris

E-mail : marleen.marra [at]


What I'm currently working on

Pricing and fees in auction platforms with two-sided entry

Spacings for identification: the case of English auctions with absentee bidding

The role of depots in London bus route procurement: combinatorial auctions with entry

Buckle up: competing for scarce airport runway capacity

Entry in simultaneous auctions of differentiated goods
Together with Xun Tang